Kotezi Mission

What is Kotezi?
Kotezi (pronounced coat-zee) is a made up word with a made up definition.  To us, Kotezi is the act of trying to be positive and opimistic, knowing that sometimes we fail - the point is, we try to be optimistic and spread those positive vibes to others.  


Our Mission

  • Ignite positive self talk
  • Be a force for spreading optimism without toxic positivity
  • De-stigmatize common mental health struggles
  • Help provide free therapy sessions

Our apparel serves as a billboard for igniting positive self talk.  When you're having a bad day, hour or moment - catching one of our messages on the shirt of a stranger just might be the thing to pull you out of a potential downward spiral.  And just wait till that first stranger approaches you to share the impact that the message on your shirt had for them.  By helping others - you're also helping yourself.  And the circle continues.  It's a beautiful thing.  Spreading optimism, igniting positive self talk. 

By spreading optimism in a way that's real - that acknowledges the good AND the struggles, we hope it helps people realize that EVERYONE has struggles.  The problem is that not many talk about their struggles.  So when we have those feelings, we feel alone; like we're the only one.  Kotezi understands and is here to tell you that you're not alone and we'll help you find your inner optimism. 

When you wear a $150 T shirt with a designer label, you say "I care about nice things"
When you wear an athletic branded T shirt you say,  "I care about my physical health"
When you wear a Kotezi T shirt you say, "I care about my mental health + I care about yours too"