Charities We Support

To start, we will contribute 15% of the profits for every item sold to CHADS Coalition for Mental Health.  CHADS is a 501(c)(3) organization offering Signs of Suicide, Family Support, and Social Emotional Well-being programs to advance the awareness and prevention of depression and suicide.  Aside from providing adolescents and young adults 25 and under with counseling services and educational programs, they also serve parents, educators, and community members with resources, presentations, and more to provide a holistic and proactive approach to mental illness and bullying.  To learn more about CHADS click here

I chose CHADS, because I have first hand experience with their organization and have seen it make a difference in the lives of both of my sons.  Each of my wonderful kids were identified in elementary school as "at risk" for needing mental health support.  I was asked if I wanted them to participate in CHADS and have seen an immense turn around in my oldest.  He went from making comments that he didn't want to be alive anymore, to being a kid who is very confident in his eccentricities and nerdiness.  He knows who he is, and I couldn't be more proud of him.  I truly owe this turnaround to the support he has received through CHADS.  My youngest is still getting started, and as a perfectionist, perhaps has further to go.  But I have every confidence that he will grow stronger with the help of CHADS.

We couldn't be more proud to support CHADS, and look forward to finding other organizations similar to CHADS throughout the US and abroad if and when we get there!