Our Vision


    Pronounced "COAT-ZEE", Kotezi is a word we defined meaning the act of trying to be positive and optimistic - knowing that one simple act isn't always easy. The point is, we try to be optimistic and spread positive vibes to others.


    We believe that every one of us has the power to be positive and optimistic, we call it "inner optimism". We want to help lift people up with positive phrases on apparel that boost mood and help people find and remember their inner optimism.


    Kotezi means trying to be positive - we all have bad days. Days where our inner optimism is burried so deep that we can't handle a cheery face. We get that, we're not trying to be toxic with our positivity - we're just trying to be better.

Giving Optimism

15% of the profits from every purchase goes towards providing free therapy sessions for those who need it.

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You Don't Suck

Because you DON'T suck - we put everything that says how much... 

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