Can there be triggers to pull you out of depression?  Not just send you into it?

Can there be triggers to pull you out of depression? Not just send you into it?

When I fell into the depressive spiral that ended in the formation of Kotezi, I came out of it becasue of what I believe is my inner optimism.  

After I emerged, I did a lot of research on depression and what helps people achieve a more postive mental outlook.  Mostly beginning with the things I believed to have helped pull me out.  Seeing messages of positivity and being outside being the two main things.  

In my research, I heard a lot about triggers.  Triggers that send people into depressive spirals.  There’s tons about knowing your spiral triggers so you can avoid or better plan knowing how to handle these triggers to help you avoid falling completely into the hole. 

For some people, perhaps it is fairly easy to identify their triggers. But I can imagine that many struggle to ever identify all of their triggers and learn of new ones as time goes by. All of this is good, don’t get me wrong. And helpful, I’m sure. 

It’s only recently, however, that I came to think that those things that helped me out of my depressive hole were also triggers. Triggers to help me find and remember my inner optimism.  It made me think about how important knowing these triggers of optimism, hope and positive mindset could be to help people in a time of crisis. 

As I have already discussed, simply shifting your mindset isn’t always easy. You need tools (or triggers 😁) to help you out. Knowing what your positive mindset triggers are and setting positive triggers in places where you will encounter them or creating routines that involve a positive trigger can be very helpful in aiding your ascension from your depressive hole. 

This is Kotezi!  We do positive triggers!  We do it via positive, optimistic phrases on apparel and footwear etc. We do it by helping to provide free therapy sessions to people who need it - helping them further identify those positive triggers.  We do it by spreading positive messages through social and in mail.  We do it by trying. Every day.  Some days more than others, because it gets tough for us too. 

What are your positive triggers?!  We want to hear them. Please enter in the comments!


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