Does a made up brand name need a definition?  I think so.

Does a made up brand name need a definition? I think so.

I must have really enjoyed creating a new word, because I decided to define it too.  I'm not quite sure why I thought Kotezi needed a definition.  Once I landed on the name, it just seemed like that was the next step.  Google doesn't have a definition, nor do any other made up brand names that I can think of.  I'm sure others must, however, because I had to have picked it up from somewhere.  

When I considered what Kotezi might mean, the definition came easily.  It was as if I was searching for a word with its meaning this whole time.  As I worked through the naming, pitching, strategy etc, I focused on the spreading of optimism and positivity, and helping to provide free therapy sessions to those who need it.  Our mission is to uplift - but at the same time, I was also very aware of the toxicly positive nature I exuded before I knew what it was like to feel depressed.  I wanted Kotezi to be real, not a fantasy or some ideal vision of life that's not achievable.  

I get sad, I make mistakes, and despite my best effort (some days), I'm not perfect.  It's for those reasons, that I placed the emphasis on the word try.  I guess Kotezi is here to remind you to try.  Try to see the good, try to be positive, try to show others kindness.  Some days we just don't want to try, we feel the sadness consume us and we just need to feel it.  We need to feel an array of emotions because that's what makes us a person.  If we didn't feel, we would be robots.  So when you feel a feeling, don't feel bad about it.  That only makes it worse, just think - I'm a person, not a robot.  I'm allowed to feel - I need to feel, and today I feel sad.  Maybe tomorrow I'll feel happy maybe I won't feel happy for a week, but each day I'll try to find that inner optimism and share it with others in the hopes it sparks theirs.  And on the days that I do it, reach down deep and find that inner optimism and brightly share it with others, I'll be reminded how the happy feels and how good it is to be a person, and not a robot.  

So there it is, Kotezi: the act of trying to be positive and optimistic.  Even though some days, that simple act is more difficult than others - the point is, we try.  Try to be optimistic and spread those positive vibes to others. 

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